A little bit about myself

 I have always painted and involved myself in a range of design projects but now I can spend all my time creating art.  This is the wonderful thing about making art, it has no age limit.  I can make art and aspire to get better at it.  For me, this is the true wonder of art.  

The work on the site is mostly my output since I retired. Within the ‘archive’ of the portfolio section there are selections of my work produced over last 50 years. This provides a multi-decade insight into who I am, what I have done, and what I continue to do as an artist.

After more than four decades teaching visual art in secondary schools I officially retired in 2020. My work is mostly, but not always, representational.  I draw inspiration and joy from the physical world around me.  My art is a visual response to the natural and manmade world.  

Making Art

My process often starts with location sketches, which I later develop into more polished studio pieces.  I take photographs and use them as aide-mémoires - visual references and reminders of detail and atmosphere.  I love to try to capture everyday visual experiences, light, moving water, architectural detail, plant forms and foliage.  Simple things that we can all appreciate, connect to, and wonder at. I also enjoy painting different subjects, portraits, animals, landscapes, cityscapes and capturing the atmosphere of any setting.  I have developed my own style and technical approach which I would describe as colourful, bold, compositionally detailed and visually energetic.

Much of my work is for sale and you will find those pieces in the Store. I also enjoy undertaking commission work because it provides an opportunity to make something that someone wants - a reminder of a place, an experience, a person, or maybe a pet.  To satisfy a client’s wishes or the idiosyncrasies of any subject, is a consistently wonderful challenge.  If you are interested in any of my work or commissioning a bespoke artwork, please reach out.


1960s – 70s

My teenage years were spent in the 1960s, a rich time of emerging youth culture.  After art college and before becoming an art teacher, I worked as a freelance artist and designer, producing designs for printed textiles and graphic illustrations.  Between 1972 and 1975, I designed and made stage costumes for the rock band ‘Slade’ alongside my ex-wife Barbara.  Changing Slade’s image from a ‘skinhead gang’ into a ‘glam rock’ stage presence was quite a blast for a young designer. I still have all the original sketches and designs which you can see in the archive section of my portfolio.

see work here

1980s – 2010s

The teaching and painting years. Teaching art provided wonderful opportunities to develop creative talents and minds. I loved sharing in and helping young people achieve their ambitions during my teaching career, with many of my students going on to study art at colleges and universities around the world - a very satisfying experience. Working internationally provided different opportunities and allowed me to travel the world.

see work here


I like to think that my varied working background has provided me with the experience and range of practical and technical abilities to produce work in my own individualistic style. Of course, there are many artistic influences that have helped me nurture this identity. Fundamentally, through a strong use of colour, creating tonal contrast and compositional design, I always aim to put my own stamp on a subject.

I do believe that a work of art should speak for itself, and I hope that my work speaks to you. If it does and if you are interested in any specific work or wish to commission a particular piece, please reach out.

Contact Me

If you are interested in buying or commissioning a specific work, but would prefer to discuss this before you commit then please do not hesitate to contact me. I am happy to discuss a sale or future commission.

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