1970s Slade

Between 1972 and 1975 I designed and made costumes for the rock band Slade. Slade were a Black Country band that used to frequent my father’s jazz pub The Trumpet, in Bilston, Wolverhampton, when they were back home between gigs and recording. In 1972, Chas Chandler, Slade’s manager, previously manager of Jimmy Hendrix and former  ex-Animals bass guitarist gave me the task of turning a ‘skinhead’ rock band into a ‘glam rock’ outfit. ‘Hey Mamma’ Weer all Crazy Now!’ indeed. Great fun! Great times!

This is a selection of original idea sketches and some photographs of the band in costume and performance

Early 1972/3 designs for Dave Hill


Costume for Earls Court gig 1973 Summer


Super Yob guitar and costume

IMG_1372_11_11zonresult-3Super yob design_22_11zonSuper Yob press release_23_11zonXmas 73 ToPjpeg_24_11zonIMG_1344_3_11zon

Drawing of Dave’s costume and the band on Top of the Pops  ‘Merry Xmas Everybody’ 1973


Designs for Noddy


Art work for ‘Slade in Flame’ designs for film costumes


Designs for actual film stage sequences


‘Slade in Flame’ – projection sequence.Costumes made with 3MG tape

Design and film promotional photograph and album cover

images copy_optIMG_1368_10_11zon

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